Social Enterprise Alliance

Alliance offers

Alliance Offers Membership Organizations

In case of joining Social Enterprise Alliance, your social enterprise will benefit from the following offers:


  • Information about the product and activities of member enterprises will be regularly posted on the Alliance’s website and Facebook page;
  • Alliance will support the activities of member social enterprises on television, radio programs and print media;
  • Participation in the exhibition organized by the Alliance. The information is preliminarily distributed by Alliance website, Facebook and via email. Participation in the annual exhibition is based on preliminary selection;
  • Promote the activities implemented by members through the website and social media;
  • Members of the Alliance have the opportunity to place a specially created logo on their website and social networks, which will be an additional indicator for interested person;
  • Members have the opportunity to participate in the events and competitions organized by Alliance for popularization.

Education and Consulting Services

  • Members of the Alliance have the opportunity to attend their training needs, seminars and master classes, which are conducted by local and international experts;
  • Alliance cooperates with educational centers and offers training curses without charge or preferential price;
  • Members have the opportunity to become participants of study visits organized by Alliance or partner organization on Social Entrepreneurship;
  • Members will receive consulting services. Consultations can be made according to the agreed plan (time and frequency);
  • Members have an opportunity to get consultation services in developing a social enterprise resource mobilization plan and strategies. Consulting services can be available by a pre-agreed plan (time and frequency);
  • Alliance helps users find potential donors.

Advocacy and Research Activities

  • Alliance will periodically conduct analyses of the current state of social enterprise and develops future development strategy. Statistics and results will be used to advocate interests of Social Entrepreneurs with state structure;
  • In order to improve the legislative environment of social entrepreneurship, the Alliance will lobby acts with relevant governmental bodies.

Cooperation and Partnership Between sectors

  • The Alliance helps members establish contacts with international organizations and representatives of various sector;
  • Annually the Alliance will organize the Social Entrepreneur Forum, which will be one of platform for social enterprises and will also help them to establish their links with different sectors. The information will be preliminarily distributed through the website, Facebook and Email;
  • Members will be able to participate in conferences organized by Alliance and other partner organizations. The information will preliminary distributed through the website, Facebook and Email.