Social Enterprise Alliance



Social Enterprise Alliance Georgia (SEA), as an institutional strengthening, knowledge sharing, networking and lobbying entity was founded on November 8, 2016. The founders of SEA are CSRDG and 6 successful Social Enterprises (SEs). 

Implemented Projects

Despite the fact, that SEA is newly established umbrella organization of Social Enterprises, it has implemented several projects. In 2017-2018, SEA was co-organizer of several important events and campaigns implemented in the field, in particular:

  • Field promotion campaign organized by communication company “Geocell”. Consequently, 13 promotional videos about the Social Enterprises has been created and spread within the various online platforms;
  • B2B Fair 2017 - During the event 56 meetings were held between social enterprises (21 participants) and Business companies (44 companies) operating in Georgia. As a short-term result of the event, participant social enterprises received corporative orders from business companies up to $28 000 (70 000 Gel). SEA Georgia was co-organizer of the Fair taking into account, that the Fair was conveyed in the frames of the same EU funded project under which it was established. ;
  • New Year Fair In cooperation with the Georgian Heritage Crafts Association and Tbilisi City Hall, SEA has organized Social Enterprises products fair for two weeks from 18 to 30 December, 2017; 9 Social Enterprise Products has been exhibited at Tbilisi Mall. As a result, 30,000GEL (around 10,000EUR) has been raised through economic activity for the Fair participant Social Enterprises;
  • Social Entrepreneurship Youth Fest has been conveyed in 5 cities of Georgia (Tbilisi, Signagi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Poti) in order to raise awareness about the Social Entrepreneurship in youth. 25 youngsters has been trained and short-termly employed in the frames of the Fest. 8,780GEL (around 2,900EUR) was raised through economic activity during the Fest.