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Environmentally friendly, handmade wooden toys, souvenirs and decorative items.

About the Social Enterprise

Eco-friendly, high quality, handmade toy company "Dadari" was founded in 2018. Toys soon became popular and successful in Georgia, Europe and America. Thanks to a high quality product, the company has established itself in the field of toys and have loyal customers.

Mission of Social Enterprise

Our main social mission is to train people with intellectual disabilities and special psycho-social needs and to employ them in the production of toys; to promote their full involvement in public life and to develop them as competitive personnel for the labor market.

Product/Service of Social Enterprise

Social enterprise "Dadari" offers its customers eco-friendly, wooden handmade toys:

  • Animal World;
  • The world of birds;
  • Various storage and cognitive toys;
  • Phases;
  • Infant toys;
  • Dolls;
  • Dinosaurs, etc.

When ordering, the company produces handmade wooden souvenirs, wooden utensils, caskets, lamps, decorative items, etc.

The materials used to manufacture the products are safe for the health of children, comply with international safety standards, and at the same time comply with all necessary procedures.

Most toys are made from high quality maple and lime wood varieties, the surface is covered with toy oils, varnishes and natural pigments that do not contain heavy metals and comply with the European Toy Safety Standard (DIN EN71).

Social Results

  • Retraining and new skills were acquired by 7 people with special needs;
  • Through informal and effective training they have successfully mastered professional skills and as a result 3 of them have been employed in the enterprise;
  • Employees' remuneration is in line with the labor market rate.

Contact Information

  • Email:
  • TEL: +995595915134
  • Address: Hualing, Tbilisi Sea Plaza.
  • Facebook:

Contact Information